Typical Work Projects

Business Strategy – Research and develop business case, recommendations, initiatives and support plans for new product launches, pilot programs, demand generation, inbound marketing initiatives, and major events.

Consumer or B2B Marketing Strategy – Lead and support all phases of the strategic marketing planning process including identification of goals,
objectives, strategies and tactics; qualitative and quantitative research; competitive assessments; customer profiles; marketing channel selection and
planning; development of KPI's and measurement plans; brand positioning and value proposition; and brand creative strategy.

Opportunity Analysis - Research and examine category, industry and market drivers; uncover opportunity areas; identify knowledge/capability gaps.

Customer Experience Planning - Research and develop online personas, map customer journey, develop implementation plans and resource recommendations.

Go-to-market or Product Launch Strategy – Lead and support product concept development, early stage Go-to-Market strategy, product launch strategy
and associated research, sales and marketing communication implementation plans.

Social Media Strategy – Assess, research and develop recommendations and initiatives for an effectives social media strategy. Includes development of your social framework; identification of key customers and user groups; channel selection, moderation approach, social advertising.

Content Strategy – Develop a strategic plan and editorial calendar for online and/or offline channels including social media content. May include training on
social media management and moderation tools, content management systems, measurement tools, social listening tools.

Employee Advocacy and Training Plan – Research and develop recommendations for how employees can begin to support organizational communication
and engagement goals. Develop a training plan and best practices for how employees should, and should not, use social media.

Executive Digital Engagement and Training – Research and develop recommendations for how senior leadership, executives and C-suite can begin to
support organizational communication and engagement goals. Develop a training and resource plan and best practices for how executives should use social

Online Community Strategy – Research and develop a community concept geared towards stated goals. Develop framework for development of the
community including goals, audience, content, moderation plan, crisis management, metrics and measurement.The following is placeholder text known as