Alchemic Group offers advisory services as well as workshops, training and coaching.

We support organizations, executives, teams, managers, and those in career transition. Our offerings include:

Early Stage

Team Training

Career Coaching

Resource Planning

Executive Coaching

Customer Experience Planning

Design Thinking Ideation Workshop

Customized Group Workshops & Retreats


Sample Advisory Projects

Thought-starters for your next project

Advisory Package – Research and advise on organizational priorities, development of new products and services, or change management initiatives.

Opportunity Analysis - Research and examine category, industry and market drivers; uncover opportunity areas; identify knowledge/capability gaps.

Thought Leadership - Research and write articles, white papers or presentations covering marketplace challenges, trends and opportunities.

Workshops - Development of custom, topic-specific workshops or ideation sessions designed to uncover new insights and opportunities.

Training - Topic-specific training for individuals or teams to make your organization smarter and more agile.

Employee Advocacy and Training Plan – Research and develop recommendations for how employees can begin to support organizational communicationand engagement goals. Develop a training plan and best practices for how employees should, and should not, use social media.

Executive Digital Engagement and Training – Research and develop recommendations for how senior leadership, executives and C-suite can support digital communication and engagement goals. Develop a training and resource plan and best practices for how executives should use social media.